Over the last 4 decades Mascott has delivered many iconic structures of which are now part of our collective built heritage. This history and connection with the past gives us a unique insight into the care and attention which needs to be taken with every new project.

We feel a real sense of love and pride for the buildings that we have built over the years and this fervour informs our approach to our projects. You love your building and only by putting together a highly skilled delivery team, which share this passion, can we be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

We have been fortunate enough that these endeavours over the years have seen us win many awards & this is the measure of success we want our team to deliver on every project we are involved in.

Mascott has entered a period of change quite unlike anything we have undergone before. This is not something new to our company; Mascott has had to continually move to survive having been through some of the most dramatic and profound changes in its entire history.

We have accumulated millions of man-hours of experience on a wide range of projects & sectors. All their special characteristics are well-known to us and there’s virtually no problem we haven’t seen and solved.