As principal contractor, Mascott Construction (Europe) ensure compliance with the Waste Management legislation ensuring all waste is transferred off site by a registered waste carrier to a licensed waste facility that can legally process or dispose of the waste.


Disposal must comply with current regulations relating to the disposal of waste and the Subcontractor shall indemnify the Contractor in the event of the Subcontractors failure to comply with such regulations. You must always provide M&M Contractors (Europe) with the following Duty of Care documentation as evidence of the transferral and disposal of waste from site:


  • A Waste Carriers Certificate (UK) or Waste Collection Permit (ROI)
  • A site waste management license (for the facility that the waste was transferred to)
  • A waste transfer note (to prove that the waste was transferred, processed or disposed of in accordance with the legislation).
  • A Consignment note must be provided for any hazardous waste removed from site
  • For any waste reused off site Mascott Construction (Europe) must receive a waste carriers license and a waste exemption

Mascott Construction (Europe) will not dictate which waste carrier you must use on a project, but in addition to being legislatively compliant in all their practices they must also be able to produce waste data both timely and accurately in a.


Mascott Construction (Europe) will request that a waste questionnaire is completed prior to commencement on site. Within this questionnaire you must forecast waste arising, targets for reuse and recovery.


Labour only packages will not be subject to waste contribution deduction although waste will be monitored and a fee may apply if waste is seen to be above that of normal levels.


Any hazardous waste or special waste must be segregated and disposed of appropriately.


Regular cleaning, removal of sub-contractor’s debris, cartons packaging, etc. is also the responsibility of the sub-contractor. This must be undertaken with sufficient frequency to prevent hazard and nuisance, and should be resourced adequately.


Failure to take steps to maintain a clean and tidy subcontract work package will result in cleaning being undertaken by Mascott Construction (Europe) and charged at R.I.C.S. labour & plant rate + 100%.