Residential CASE STUDIES

MEI Scheme, Belfast

This MEI Scheme for Newington Housing association comprised the phased modernisation & maintenance of 300 domestic dwellings throughout Northern Ireland ranging from sheltered & supported housing units, to two storey alluminium bungalows & 3 bedroom houses located in various sites in North Belfast to form part of a major regeneration initiative for the area & more importantly to meet current DSD and NHA standards

The works had to reflect housing fit for 21st century living, while retaining the unique character of their surroundngs despite several buildings needed treated by refurbishing the stone & brickwork, repairing & replacing windows & re-roofing slate roofs.

Due to several live environments throughout this scheme, we identified all Client, Tenant and Supply Chain issues, and at relevant workshops and contract meetings, progressed the consultation and co-operation on the best means to mitigate their impact on the project and tenants.